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November 8, 2023

Can Your Audio Attribution Solution Do That?

At Veritonic, we remain committed to addressing the escalating demands of marketers and brands around the world and to reshaping the audio attribution landscape. This is why we were excited to announce a number of innovations to our attribution solution this week, including an increasingly robust and intuitive UI as well as enhanced conversion event logs.

By increasing our investment in robust data tech stacks, we can facilitate campaigns of all scales, effortlessly expanding measurement capabilities while upholding optimal performance, support, and adherence to SLAs.

Furthermore, our premium conversion event logs provide you with unparalleled flexibility and granularity, enabling you to comprehend conversion events and associated impressions throughout the duration of your campaign. Additionally, our comprehensive conversion event logs enable you to model and analyze various attribution methodologies, assess the impact on conversion rates, identify actionable impressions, uncover geo-targeting opportunities, evaluate IP distribution, analyze listener overlap among different campaigns, and more.

As data providers, we take great pride and responsibility in ensuring that our audio measurement methodology is sound, understood, and designed in a way that enables us to continuously adapt to the needs of our clients and the demands of the advertising industry at large.  We remain committed to innovating our audio-first solutions to make measuring and optimizing audio campaigns as streamlined, efficient, and flexible as possible.

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