New Study: The Power of Audio and Podcast Ads

Ensure You’re Winning in Audio

Achieve High ROI

Test your audio creative to guarantee it will resonate wtih your target audience.

Gauge Your Audio Performance

Explore the impact of your audio on authenticity, familiarity, energy, happiness, and more.

Analyze Your Impact

Discover the most powerful and resonant components of your audio with second-by-second engagement data.

What our Customers are Saying

  • We knew we wanted to create and bring the most compelling and engaging audio ad to market. With positive pre-market testing results from the Veritonic platform, Sport Clips, in partnership with Play Audio Agency, used the actionable recommendations and data to successfully bring our MVP Haircut Experience to life.
    Danielle Linden, Sport Clips’ Sr. Director of Marketing,
  • It's exciting to work with organizations like Sport Clips that allow you to push the boundaries of creative audio production. Focusing on a future-forward audio trend like ASMR and having the ability to pre-test with Veritonic allows us to back our creative strategy with science to ensure we can provide the best sound solutions.
    Dan Carruthers, Owner and CEO of Play Audio Agency
  • The pioneering data and insight within the Veritonic platform will allow us to harness the tremendous power of audio in an efficient and impactful manner. As a brand that was born on the water, we know the power that it has to awaken all of our senses. By combining data-driven insights and artistic creation, we have been able to create a Sonic ID that is both unique and ownable, and ultimately speaks to our consumers love of the water.
    James Mackenzie, Global Brand Director at Sperry

Test multiple versions of audio creative to understand…

Which words in the script elicit the
most engagement
Where brand mentions influence
Where the inclusion of music resonates
Which voiceover is most effective
The CTA’s that elicit the highest
How many times to mention your
brand name, and more

A Data-Driven Approach to Audio