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In depth, audience-targeted analysis of audio assets including host-read or pre-recorded ads, podcasts, audiobooks, and more…


Track and measure how your audio ads are performing with state-of-the-art attribution, & glean actionable insight into the impact of your audio creative with brand lift.
audio score

Veritonic Audio Score

The standard for measuring audio effectiveness.

Being able to assess the universe of podcast ads, radio / streaming ads, sonic brands and other assets is critical, but only a common metric gives it meaning. Veritonic Audio Score is the linchpin of audio measurement.

It’s powered by Machine Listening and Learning (M-LAL™), trained through years of analyzing thousands of audio files, correlating them with second-by- second human response data, and predicting response.

At the center of audio

Veritonic Achieves SOC 2 Type II Certification

Veritonic Added to List of Preferred Audio Attribution Partners by Spreaker from iHeart

What our customers are saying

  • We knew we wanted to create and bring the most compelling and engaging audio ad to market. With positive pre-market testing results from the Veritonic platform, Sport Clips, in partnership with Play Audio Agency, used the actionable recommendations and data to successfully bring our MVP Haircut Experience to life.
    Danielle Linden, Sport Clips’ Sr. Director of Marketing,
  • It's exciting to work with organizations like Sport Clips that allow you to push the boundaries of creative audio production. Focusing on a future-forward audio trend like ASMR and having the ability to pre-test with Veritonic allows us to back our creative strategy with science to ensure we can provide the best sound solutions.
    Dan Carruthers, Owner and CEO of Play Audio Agency
  • Veritonic shares our commitment to arming brands and agencies with actionable and insightful audio performance data. Our partnership is an important step for the open ecosystem of podcasting as we continue to work together to provide independent measurement insights to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of podcasting as a marketing channel.
    Kevin McCaul, Global Head of Ad Operations at Acast
  • We partner with Veritonic to more deeply understand the expected impact of the buy, as well as the actual outcome.
    Claire Fanning, VP of Ad Product Strategy, Pandora
  • The pioneering data and insight within the Veritonic platform will allow us to harness the tremendous power of audio in an efficient and impactful manner. As a brand that was born on the water, we know the power that it has to awaken all of our senses. By combining data-driven insights and artistic creation, we have been able to create a Sonic ID that is both unique and ownable, and ultimately speaks to our consumers love of the water.
    James Mackenzie, Global Brand Director at Sperry
  • We are pleased to partner with Veritonic to offer this mission-critical data to our 700+ clients all over the world. Veritonic shares our mission of helping brands and agencies that are leveraging audio to understand the impact of their campaigns and gain actionable insights for future campaign planning.
    Tom McKay, Head of Product & Strategy at Octave
  • We remain committed to working with the industry’s most credible and transparent providers of audio campaign performance data. We are pleased to be partnering with Veritonic, who shares our mission of furthering the growth of the audio landscape through insightful and actionable data and analytics.
    Erica Tong, Chief Operating Officer of Audioboom
  • Veritonic shares our passion for driving the audio industry forward, and we are thrilled to be leveraging their robust and independent attribution and brand lift measurement, Veritonic’s indispensable data and analytics will enable our sponsors to understand the performance and ROI of their audio in a more comprehensive and holistic manner than ever before.
    Gina Garrubbo, President & CEO of National Public Media, the sponsorship subsidiary of NPR
  • Veritonic’s end-to-end measurement and analytics capabilities will allow us to gain actionable insights that further the ROI on our client’s advertising dollars. This holistic picture of how our client’s audio is performing and the actions it’s driving enables us to truly understand, optimize, and maximize the performance and ROI of our podcast advertising.
    Rob Ranieri, Co-founder and CEO of Ranieri & Co

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