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Know that your audio marketing resonates with consumers.

See how competitors are marketing, from podcasts to social audio. Understand what makes ads and other creative work for people, from the right voice to the right tone.

Make decisions that grow your business with Veritonic Analytics.

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Audio Ad Search

Search for a brand and hear audio ads in the market, or browse the top ads and advertisers.

Run better campaigns.

See and hear what's worked for others. Measure your own audio creative to understand how your target customers respond.

Know first. Then spend.

Get the most out of every dollar you spend — from podcast ads to sonic branding — by knowing what works ahead of time.

Protect your brand.

Whatever identity you're trying to project, let your target customers tell you if you're getting it right in audio.

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Veritonic Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

See / hear the audio marketing landscape and where you stand. Who’s investing in podcast advertising, radio, streaming, sonic branding and more? Who’s winning?

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Veritonic Creative Measurement

Creative Measurement

Understand which audio creative works the best from pre-market to post-campaign. What’s the most effective voice for a streaming ad? What makes for the most memorable sonic brand?

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Veritonic Campaign Performance

Campaign Performance

Understand how audio creative is achieving your goals, from brand lift to attribution. Connect those findings back to creative and optimize going forward.

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Veritonic Audio Score

The standard for measuring audio effectiveness.

Being able to assess the universe of podcast ads, radio / streaming ads, sonic brands and other assets is critical, but only a common metric gives it meaning. Veritonic Audio Score is the linchpin of audio measurement.

It’s powered by Machine Listening and Learning (M-LAL™), trained through years of analyzing thousands of audio files, correlating them with second-by- second human response data, and predicting response.

How It Works
Veritonic Audio Score
Veritonic Audio Score
5 Above Average
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Claire Fanning
Veritonic Client Testimonial
We partner with Veritonic to more deeply understand the expected impact of the buy, as well as the actual outcome.

Claire Fanning, VP of Ad Product Strategy, Pandora

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