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Experience the world's first marketing intelligence platform for sound.

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You test everything.

Why not sound?

We put marketing response data from real people behind your music selections, turning endless debates into quantifiable decisions.


Test music, videos, voiceovers, and audio logos with your specific audience segments to discover qualitative and quantitative marketing responses.



Measure and understand the impact of your tracks. Gauge performance of tracks over time, against peers and top performers, and across categories.



Upload and store music, videos, voiceovers, and audio logos. Easily audition and share tracks with coworkers and clients on our cloud-based platform.


Music for Marketers

Designed for Brands, Agencies and Publishers

The Veritonic Platform was developed in close conjunction with producers, music supervisors and market researchers to ensure we speak your language.

"We don’t decide to use a piece of music in our ads unless we have data to support that decision. Veritonic makes it easy for us and our agency."
  - Justin Zandri, Vice President of Marketing

"I see so many applications for Veritonic. It's valuable at every stage of the music selection process... I've been craving this kind of data for 30 years!"
  - Karl Westman, Sr. Partner Exec. Music Producer

Storefront Music

"I can't imagine ever going back to being dependent on .mp3 files & meta data. With Veritonic, we win more spots every month!"
  - John Sneider, President

Companies trust Veritonic to power their music selection process.

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