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Monitor which audio channels your competitors are advertising on, hear the ads, evaluate performance data, and learn how much they are spending.

Always-on intelligence at your fingertips.

Hear what your competitors are doing in the audio space & see how it’s resonating.

Identify key trends in audio ad creative including voice gender, ad length, number of brand mentions, key script points, and commonly used calls-to-action.

You also have the ability to search full ad transcripts. Apply these learnings to your own ad creative to optimize the performance of your audio.

Export your research to a CSV for easy sharing, or import directly into your data system using our API.

One button click for easy offline access to your data.

Competitive Intelligence at a Glance

Competitive intelligence at the brand and asset level (ads, audio logos, etc.)
Customizable alerts when new ads hit the market
Comparisons by key qualities — voice, gender, ad length, brand mentions, and more
Searchable ad transcriptions and filtering by industry vertical

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