New Study: The Power of Audio and Podcast Ads

May 28, 2024

Lights, Camera, Audio!

Picture that iconic moment from Jaws, where the pulse-quickening presence of bloodthirsty sharks in the water is amplified by the haunting da duh da duh dun dun dun soundtrack. Now, reimagine that gripping scene overlaid with the cheerful melody of an ice cream truck’s jingle. It loses its edge, right?

Audio has a profound and undeniable power to move us as human beings, both physically and emotionally. In the realm of promoting feature films, studios and networks are entrusted with a narrow window— typically two to two-and-a-half minutes—to capture their audience, and 50% of that effort is audio.

In April of 2024, we surveyed hundreds of consumers to understand just how impactful audio is as it relates to films, film trailers, soundtracks, and more. The results were nothing short of eye-opening, underscoring the increasing need for studios and production companies to invest in testing the audio that they choose to represent their films in order to increase the attractiveness, resonance, and overall experience between their target audience and their content.

Key highlights include:

  • 90% of consumers will want to see a movie if they enjoy the music on its soundtrack
  • 72% of consumers said that the songs that are chosen for a movie soundtrack have a direct impact on how they feel about the brands that are portrayed within a movie
  • 85% of consumers wear headphones while watching a movie from home
To download the full study, click here.

The bottom line: Audio Matters!

What you choose as the background to your films and trailers can make or break your audience’s experience, and can also open (or close!) a world of possibilities in terms of related engagement opportunities, including soundtracks, adaptations, podcasts, etc.

In order to be 100% sure that the background music you’re choosing is not only right for your content but for your intended audience and their experience, an investment in audio testing and optimization is critical.

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