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Audio Logo Index

Who has the most effective sonic brand?

Find out in Veritonic’s 2021 Audio Logo Index.

Veritonic Audio Logo Index

With consumers moving rapidly toward more audio-centric lives, brands are increasingly looking to sound to develop deeper relationships with customers. A company’s holistic sonic brand can include everything from a custom melody when you turn on your car to a unique sound that plays when you buy something in a store. But many agree that sonic branding starts with the audio logo.

The Veritonic Audio Logo Index analyzes consumer response to these sonic brands — including how memorable they are, if they’re correctly associated with the brand, emotional resonance, and more. The resulting ranking is a glimpse into which companies are truly making the sonic brand work for them. This year over 100 brands in the US and UK are featured in the ranking.

The 2021 Audio Logo Index, our fifth edition, ranks everything from the classic Intel "bong," to newer sonic brands from Disney+, Mastercard, and many more.

Each edition also includes a look at how some brands are going beyond the logo alone, leveraging sound to both reflect our current culture and, in some cases, help foster positive change.

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