Is Progressive Insurance more progressive in audio marketing? Our new article in Mediatel News explains how understanding the where, how, and when to spend in audio is foundational for a smart audio strategy.

Who has the most effective audio brand?

Find out in Veritonic’s 2019 Audio Logo Index.

Which segment sounds more inspiring, insurance or entertainment?

Does Mastercard’s new audio brand resonate?

Does big spend equal better audio logos?

The biggest companies in the world are catching on to the ever-expanding range of options for leveraging audio to enhance and create a "whole" brand. What used to amount to a jingle and maybe a signature voice can now include custom-created sounds for everything from the "door close" of a particular car brand to a point-of-sale acceptance.

The audio logo is arguably one of the most fundamental of these brand assets — the Veritonic platform is, once again, measuring its power.

Our inaugural Index in 2016 marked the first time audio logos were measured objectively. Since then, the Index has become an indispensable resource for marketers, audio platforms and others to understand in detail the true emotional resonance and memorability of their audio brands, and where they stand in the market.

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