Veritonic appoints audio and media tech veteran Korri Kolesa as Chief Revenue Officer.

Campaign Performance

Prove how audio creative is driving results.

Performance data on how your audio campaigns are achieving your goals, from brand lift to attribution.

Veritonic Campaign Performance
"Brands that have been willing to use audio, even those within categories that have not used much audio, have been rewarded. When we have a targeted ad that has great audio with great content and a strong CTA, we’re seeing two-times higher engagement and a three-time return on ad spend."

Patrice Croci, VP of Brand Marketing at Express in Campaign, 2019.

Drive higher ROI with Veritonic Campaign Performance.
Understand how audio creative is achieving your goals, from increased brand favorability to better campaign results. Connect those findings back to creative and optimize going forward.
Veritonic Campaign Performance

Build positive perception with Brand Lift.

Begin measuring the impact of a campaign as soon as it goes live.

  • Understand how your podcast, streaming and radio ads influence perception of your brand
  • Critical metrics like purchase intent, emotional resonance and more
Veritonic Campaign Performance

Know which part of your campaign drives results with Attribution.

From podcasts to radio, your ad campaign is only as valuable as its ability to achieve the results you're looking for.

  • Attribution data from leading providers — including Podsights and LeadsRx
  • Determine which aspects of your campaign are the primary drivers of success
Hearing What Works: Audio Attribution on The Sonic Truth Podcast
Veritonic Campaign Performance

Re-optimize your audio creative.

Performance data isn't the end of a campaign.

  • Integration of attribution means that learnings around performance funnel back into creative
  • Pre-market optimization continues mid and post-flight, making your ads even smarter

Veritonic Audio Score

The standard for measuring audio effectiveness.

Being able to assess the universe of audio ads, brands and other assets is critical, but only a common metric gives it meaning. Veritonic Audio Score is the linchpin of audio measurement.

It’s powered by Machine Listening and Learning (M-LAL™), trained through years of analyzing thousands of audio files, correlating them with second-by- second human response data, and predicting response.

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Veritonic Audio Score
Veritonic Audio Score
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Campaign Performance

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