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Creative Measurement

Go deep on how to move people with audio.

Quantifiable intelligence on what makes your audio creative — from podcast ads to sonic brand, voiceovers to script — most effective.

Veritonic Creative Measurement
"You couldn’t just say, 'I don’t like it'... I had to make sure I didn't get carried away with my own biases."

Raja Rajamannar, CMO of Mastercard, on testing their sonic brand in Fortune, 2019.

Creative drives nearly 50% of ad effectiveness.

Sound has, according to endless research, an unmatched communicative power; in the "audio renaissance," it’s more critical than ever.

The time for guessing at what makes the best audio creative is over. Quantify your most resonant, persuasive audio creative before you launch it. Build brand loyalty more efficiently and cost effectively.

Veritonic Creative Measurement

Choose the best creative for your goal.

Learn which creative assets score the highest against specific audiences or the general population — and why. Act on what drives consumer loyalty — in everything from audio ads to voiceovers in video, podcasts and more.

Veritonic Creative Measurement

Understand how your creative stacks up.

See how your creative asset compares to others like it. Compare by:

  • Industry vertical (CPG, pharma, financial services, QSR, etc etc)
  • Your own asset catalog
  • The Veritonic database
See how Pandora chose the right voice for their audio ads.
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Veritonic Creative Measurement

Discover why it works, and optimize.

Understand the most powerful parts of a given asset, including:

  • Which words spike engagement
  • Where brand mentions influence listeners across an ad
  • Where the inclusion of music resonates the most, and more

Veritonic Audio Score

The standard for measuring audio effectiveness.

Being able to assess the universe of audio ads, brands and other assets is critical, but only a common metric gives it meaning. Veritonic Audio Score is the linchpin of audio measurement.

It’s powered by Machine Listening and Learning (M-LAL™), trained through years of analyzing thousands of audio files, correlating them with second-by- second human response data, and predicting response.

How It Works
Veritonic Audio Score
Veritonic Audio Score
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The Audio Intelligence Platform
Creative Measurement
  • Custom audience targeting & segmentation, including: Gender, Income, Age, Ethnicity, Region
  • Instant, predictive scores
  • Second-by-second engagement analysis
  • Asset Smart Tagging & Transcriptions
  • Human validated insights available as early as 72 hours
  • Benchmark against 35+ industries, English vs Spanish, Podcast vs Radio
  • Intuitive self-serve platform
  • Custom listening environment

Find your sonic truth and

win the massive opportunity in audio.

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