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January 20, 2022

Why 2022 is the Year to Start a Branded Podcast

As podcast listenership continues to grow, so does the appeal for brands to increase their investment in the channel. This charge is led first and foremost by advertising – with podcast advertising spend forecasted to surpass $2.7 billion by 2025, up from $1.3 billion in 2021*. But advertisers would be remiss if they stopped their involvement in podcasts at just ads.

A branded podcast is an opportunity for a brand to be the storyteller, while remaining true to their tone and messaging. There are many ways for a brand to do this right, and in a manner in which it doesn’t come across as self-serving. 

On a recent episode of The Sonic Truth, we welcomed Fatima Zaidi, Founder and CEO of Quill, a full service production and marketing agency for branded podcasts; specializing not only in audio production, but in measuring impact as well. 

Fatima discussed how hosting a podcast grants a brand its own unique stage to vocalize their narrative, in a creative format. It provides brands with an opportunity to step away from chasing their audience in a crowded landscape, and to instead invite them into a welcoming and more thoughtful or playful space. Rather than pushing out content that feels like a marketing effort, a podcast grants a brand the flexibility to entertain or educate in a more engaging manner. 

 In terms of media consumption, podcast-play completion rates tend to trend higher than other mediums due to its compatibility with busier, more on-the-go lifestyles; making podcasts feel like a part of one’s day and less intrusive.

As a service, Quill not only produces great content for a branded podcast, but can also provide relevant data and analytics to inform marketing decisions and enable brands to create new production budgets. 

To learn more about the benefits of branded podcasts (and how Quill can help you get started), check out this  episode  of The Sonic Truth today! 


* Statista, 2022

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