NOW AVAILABLE: 2023 Audio insights Package

October 31, 2023

Writing A Blog About the Scariest Thing We Can Think of This Halloween…Wasted Ad Dollars 😲

You have a great idea for a podcast ad, you shared it with your colleagues, and it was met with resounding positivity! With the best of intentions and the research you had available, you chose music, a voiceover artist, and developed a script that you hoped would appeal to your target audience. But as your ad goes live, you are not seeing the ROI that you envisioned, engagement is low, and so are conversions. You and your team are spooked and are no longer sure podcasting is the right place to connect with your ideal customer.

But what if we told you that you can ENSURE that your audio ad will speak to your target audience, resonate, increase brand favorability and awareness, increase intent, and allow you to confidently allocate your advertising spend? Harness the enormous power and strategic insights offered through Creative Measurement to guarantee success in every ad you deploy! 

You’ve heard us say it once, and you’re going to hear us say it a million more times – testing is the key to winning in audio. Our comprehensive testing solution allows you to truly dissect all of the intricacies of the ad listening experience including:

  • Which specific words elicit the most engagement 
  • The impact of brand mentions on listeners
  • The most effective CTA’s
  • The power of music (or the power of the removal of music)
  • And more!

Don’t let your experience in audio advertising be comparable to walking through a haunted house with unwanted surprises lingering around every corner (sick of the Halloween jargon yet?). And in case you need more convincing, see how our Creative Measurement solution revolutionized the way that a leading ecommerce organization approached reVAMPing (🧛, ok we’re done I promise) their brand voice in this case study.

Research, Test, and Measure

the ROI of your audio assets.