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January 10, 2022

The Top Ads of 2021 – Out Now

In case you missed it, we released an infographic measuring The Top Ads of 2021, to not only celebrate brands that got it right, but to show you the exact elements that made these ads resonate with consumers to help you inform your 2022 advertising strategy.

The Top Ads of 2021 Infographic Download

To us, emotional resonance and overall effectiveness of the ad’s call to action are paramount. So wouldn’t you want to know what copy, music, sonic elements, guest appearances, and more drove that success to implement in future campaigns? That’s why we put the list in front of one of our consumer panels to measure the emotional resonance and overall effectiveness of the creative on the perception of the brand and intent to buy. 

A diverse set of industries were represented on the list this year – from Insurance, to CPG, to Retailers – with the likability of each ad coming out as the top metric that drove consumer preference.

Below are a couple highlights from the infographic:

  • The ad that stole the show and captivated viewers the most was an ad from Geico. Geico’s high-energy and ear-catching style has become a staple for the brand and is still serving it well. 
  • The highest intent increase from before watching the ad to post-watch went to the NBA. They pulled out all the stops with Michael B. Jordan opening the spot, to LeBron James and Kevin Durant making appearances. Wonder which star appearance sparked consumer attention most? Download the report to find out.

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