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July 11, 2023

So You’re Starting a Branded Podcast – Now What?

As you are probably aware if you are reading this – branded podcasts are an incredibly effective vehicle for telling a brand’s story and increasing its reach.  Similar to the creation and optimization of audio logos, audio ads, and podcast ads, data should be at the root of every decision that a brand makes around their podcast – from ideation to promotion and everything in between.

Branded Podcast Ideation

The question for brands now becomes why are you starting a podcast? Seeking deeper connections with your audience? New product/service/ feature/etc. that lends itself well to immersive discussion? Or perhaps you’re simply looking to diversify your content portfolio. Whatever the case, your journey will surely begin with content conceptualization and theming ideations that will set the stage for your podcast.

Cue Veritonic’s Audio Creative Measurement solution. Providing you with robust pre-market insights around the emotional resonance, recall, and engagement of your content allowing you to optimize it for maximum impact and resonance.

While in the ideation phase, you will also identify your desired podcast duration (inclusive of run time, number of episodes, and episode length), your target audience, that KPI’s you’ll use to gauge success, and overall brand tone – all of which are essential to cutting through the noise of the crowded podcast space and carving a path to success. It is here that you’ll need to understand your competitive landscape – what are others in your vertical doing for branded podcasts? How is it working? You can then utilize this knowledge as a baseline to generate a show that far surpasses what is currently in the market.

Did someone say Veritonic Competitive Intelligence? Data back your content decisions based on learnings from your competitor’s audio – what it sounds like, where it’s running, how it’s resonating, and more.


Lights, camera, ACTION!  Well…almost. You’ve successfully established the direction for your podcast and have moved on to the wonderful world of production. Here lies the identification of voice talent, integration of sonic branding efforts, and the usage of thematics or background sounds (among other integral aural elements).

Don’t go in blind! Test, optimize, rinse, repeat. With highly customizable audience composition capabilities, test your promotional creative with your desired audience to ensure it’ll engage & drive your target listeners to your content.

This is also when teams will begin to flesh out a plan around podcast artwork in addition to the show description and other metadata that gives just enough away to entice listeners to tune in, but not enough that they feel satiated.


Hear ye, hear ye! New & exciting content is on the horizon! This is the part where teams talk marketing spend in addition to identifying the outlets, social media platforms, and more that they will utilize to promote their podcast to their target listening audiences.

This is also the part where the development of strong advertising and optimization efforts are critical if you wish to reach and engage your audience at the right time with the right message. The identification of optimal advertising channels, content, music, voiceover, tone, brand mentions, etc. will pave the way for strong recall, engagement, and favorable perception of your brand and content.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, Veritonic Creative Measurement is at your service. Apply quantifiable intelligence to identify the elements that will make your creative the most effective before you bring them to market. But don’t just take our word for it, see how a leading player in the e-commerce field is applying the technology to better their audio advertising strategy: https://info.


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