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March 1, 2021

Liberty Mutual, Indeed’s Strong Sonic Identities Drive Ad Wins

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Inclusiveness and Fun Compel Listeners

Period ending March 31

Which brands’ audio ads scored the highest based on their ability to drive listeners to buy the product being advertised? The below measures the top spots by purchase intent score, calculated by the Veritonic Machine Listening and Learning (M-LAL ™) platform, and where each stands relative to its sector benchmark.

Strong brand identity drove big wins in March, exemplified by audio ads from Indeed and Liberty Mutual Insurance (with its first appearance in the Index). Other new entrants into the top 10 included Tide and Roman, while Farmers and Lowes continued to show their strength.

The Indeed brand continues to emphasize women and our current climate, proving that its forward-thinking, culturally-on-target perspective drives success. The company’s number one-scoring audio ad in March focuses on a female-owned business (and logically uses a female voiceover, as do four other ads in this top 10; historically, female voices are used only around 28% of the time).

While the issue “Anita’s Outdoor Store” addresses is challenging — needing to hire quickly because the company is stretched thin — the spot is extremely positive (business is growing unexpectedly). Moreover, in a nod to the times, the business is an outdoor store. The combination of factors led to a 27-point jump above the benchmark for purchase intent.

Indeed, 2021

Similarly, but projecting a very different kind of brand identity, Liberty Mutual layers multiple brand elements into its winning audio ad this month. Its brand characters, LiMu Emu and Doug, along with sound effects and an overall lively production, perpetuate the brand’s fun image. Fittingly, the spot scored second-highest (78) for being “energetic.”

Liberty’s highly-memorable sonic brand, which ranked number one in last year’s Audio Logo Index, punctuates the end of the spot as always. With a purchase intent score 17 points above the benchmark for Insurance, the ad’s brand layers clearly work for Liberty.

Liberty Mutual, 2021

Lowe’s, in a return to the Index, leverages both of the above approaches to great effect. Lively and loaded with fun sound effects, its ad is also narrated by a woman.

Lowe’s, 2021

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