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Audio Ad Index June 2021

Dan Bongino Gushes Over Red Meat in June’s Top Podcast Ads

From the growing prevalence of audio in our daily lives, to sound's inherent ability to move people, it's clear that is the year that marketers activate their audio strategies more fully.

The Audio Ad Index is a monthly look at which advertisers are capitalizing on the moment and producing the most effective spots on traditional and digital radio, podcasts, and more. A Veritonic Competitive Intelligence report, each edition focuses on a key insight across the range of data points measured by the Veritonic Audio Intelligence platform.


The Podcast Advertising Index

Relative to Sector Benchmark
Omaha Steaks
No Compromise
Simon & Schuster
Sleep Number
Custom House

Veritonic Competitive Intelligence detects and scores ads across major verticals by analyzing an ongoing flow of podcast, radio, and other streams. Powered by Machine Listening and Learning (M-LALTM), the Veritonic Platform gauges the effectiveness of assets by correlating them with Veritonic's set of second-by-second human response data. June 2021

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Dan Bongino gushes over red meat in June’s top audio ads

Period ending June 30.

With podcast ad spending on course to hit $1 billion this year, regularly assessing which brands’ ads resonate with consumers the most -- and why -- is clearly necessary to understand who’s allocating those dollars wisely. 

The above ranking is based on Veritonic Audio Score (a composite of recall, emotional attributes, engagement, and purchase intent).

Democracy lives in audio! June’s winning podcast advertisers show up alongside shows from totally opposite ends of the political spectrum. 

Ads read by the outspoken Dan Bongino, who the Washington Post described as “building a conservative media universe,” claimed the top two spots on the June list. Both the ExpressVPN and Omaha Steaks ads are, like many podcast ads, completely unadorned, with only the emphatic Bongino making a case for each. Both are also on the long side (over a minute). 

While ExpressVPN was the overall winner, driven in part by the highest score for sounding “powerful” (84), the number-two ad for Omaha Steaks set a new record for the Audio Ad Index, coming in with a perfect score (100) for purchase intent.

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Number three, on the other hand, jumps the partisan aisle to a house ad for NPR’s “No Compromise,” an investigative series (which won NPR its first Pulitzer Prize) that goes deep on far-right gun advocacy. The spot’s content is not the only thing that’s different; it’s also a fraction of the time (17 seconds), and adds a bit of distorted guitar for an equally “in-your-face” delivery. The combo of elements made this ad a clear winner for recall (80)

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Veritonic Competitive Intelligence empowers brands to understand how their audio marketing stacks up against competitors. It detects and scores audio advertisements across major verticals by analyzing an ongoing flow of thousands of podcast, radio, and other streams. Powered by Machine Listening and Learning (M-LAL™), the platform gauges the effectiveness of assets by correlating each with thousands like it that have been analyzed across the Veritonic database.

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