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Product Update: Catalog

Matt Gagliano January 31, 2017
Product Update: Catalog
This blog post contains product information which is now out-of-date, and is kept for archival reasons. For updated information on our current project offerings, visit our Homepage
You’re an editor cutting a video, and you need to select a background music track. You run through a mental checklist: This is for a dramatic moment, the inspirational climax of this piece. So you start searching the libraries of music at your fingertips. First is your iTunes, since that’s where you usually keep your top tracks. Next you go to your web browser, click on Favorites, and go to the first music library your company has a license to. It’s name begins with “A”, since you have them organized alphabetically. You then select a tempo, say, 120 BPM; “strings,” since you think a swelling orchestral arrangement would fit here. Then you select from “mood”, even though you realize that the tracks in this bucket were tagged by an intern 4+ years ago, and it’s got more than 29,000 results, so you click through the first six or seven, hoping you hear something that catches your attention… Does any of this sound ideal? We think music selection for marketing and advertising has a real data problem. But a lot of that is because music selection has a real workflow problem. In an ideal world, an editor wouldn’t have to click through multiple libraries, housed both on her computer and in the cloud, and wouldn’t rely on data entered by an intern. At Veritonic, we’ve been heavily focused on the data side of the problem. But in December, we launched a new feature in beta to begin addressing the workflow side of the equation. Meet Catalog. Catalog enables users to quickly and easily filter by the emotional and marketing response they want to evoke in their audience. Rather than relying on metadata, which we’ve discussed before, editors, producers, marketers and other content creators can use specific emotions to filter through the set of tracks in their catalog. Where applicable, they can also include catalogs from our Publisher partners. Simply select “Your Catalog” in the left-hand nav. Your Catalog Then, click on the appropriate asset type: music, video, audio logo, etc. Your catalog option Lastly, enter specific attributes, including both Emotions and Feelings. The platform will scan your catalog for the top tracks with that set of attributes, revealing the best tracks that evoke the specific response you’re seeking. Your catalog selection As one of our beta testers said, the feature quickly identified the top 5 tracks he could consider, which “gave me the confidence to move forward really quickly.” We’ll be refining the feature in upcoming releases, including the ability to select a creative brief you’ve previously set up. Questions or additional feature requests? Please contact your account manager, or let us know in the comments!

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