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2018 Veritonic Audio Logo Index

Matt Gagliano December 02, 2017
2018 Veritonic Audio Logo Index
We've updated the Audio Logo Index for 2019.
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Audio Logos Matter More than Ever

We’re halfway through 2018 and it’s clearer than ever that marketing executives are paying close attention not only to music but every subtle sound, noise, or hushed whisper in the world of audio. And for good reason. Streaming audio continues to expand exponentially. Radio continues to capitalize on its uniqueness unique format, its unmatched reach and ability to drive amazing results for advertisers. Voice-controlled apps are morphing from device-centric software to apps that tap into the Internet of Things (IoT). They’ll soon empower users to control every system and IoT device found in a smart home.

Veritonic Annual Audio Logo Index

Special thanks to the organizations participating in our Audio Branding Roundtable, for their expertise and insights.

iV Audio Branding
Storefront Music
MAS Music And Strategy

Some evidence suggests that audio may engage a consumer longer than any image, graphic, or video. People listen to audio in places where they won’t or can’t engage with visual media, including in cars, on treadmills, or even in the shower. Audio cues are everywhere.

Audio branding should therefore be a critical focus for marketers. That’s why we’ve updated our groundbreaking Audio Logo Index.

Veritonic Audio Logo Index Industry US

In 2016, when we introduced the Audio Logo Index, it was the first time audio logos were objectively measured and benchmarked. Since then, the Index has become an indispensable resource for those marketers, platforms, agencies, and broadcasters focused on leveraging audio logos in ways that cement their brands in the public consciousness and help deliver the results they’re looking for.

Veritonic — the first analytics platform built to quantify the value of sound — is giving them the tools to do it.

Key report findings include:

  • Marketing spend and brand longevity make a big difference in brand power
  • Melodic logos drive 32% higher recall than their non-melodic counterparts
  • Licensing well-known music makes a bigger difference in the UK
  • Millennials in both markets respond better to audio branding than older demographics — especially on the critical Recall metric
  • Including the brand name can drive audio logo-power
We've updated the Audio Logo Index for 2019.
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