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Competitive Intelligence

Ensure you’re winning in audio marketing.

New insight on how your business, audio ads, sonic brand elements, and more stack up against others in your vertical.

Veritonic Competitive Intelligence
"We’re now thinking about the sound [of a brand advert] first versus the look second. It’s a really interesting way of approaching that immersive consumer experience."

John Burke, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Bacardi and President of Bacardi Global Brands in The Drum, 2020.

The proof is now abundant — getting audio marketing right has never been more critical.
Your starting point is obvious: get a clear view of who’s doing what in the market, what’s working for them, and where you stand. Plan your most informed strategy.
Veritonic Competitive Intelligence

Understand how you stack up against competitors in audio.

See who’s spending on audio in your vertical, how much they're investing in each channel (podcasts, radio, streaming, etc.), and how their efforts are paying off.

Which consumer brands are currently winning audio?
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Veritonic Competitive Intelligence

Know when competitor assets hit the market.

From the launch of a new podcast ad to the release of a new sonic brand, get automatic alerts every time a sonic campaign or element comes out. Plot your strategy based on the latest intelligence.

Veritonic Competitive Intelligence

Understand the components of winning audio.

From voice gender to ad length to brand mention, get clear insight into which aspects of an audio asset drive the best response and score the highest. Apply those learnings to your own campaign and optimize your audio.

Veritonic Audio Score

The standard for measuring audio effectiveness.

Being able to assess the universe of podcast ads, radio / streaming ads, sonic brands and other assets is critical, but only a common metric gives it meaning. Veritonic Audio Score is the linchpin of audio measurement.

It’s powered by Machine Listening and Learning (M-LAL™), trained through years of analyzing thousands of audio files, correlating them with second-by- second human response data, and predicting response.

How It Works
Veritonic Audio Score
Veritonic Audio Score
5 Above Average
For Your Vertical
The Audio Intelligence Platform
Competitive Intelligence
  • Competitive intelligence at the brand and asset level (ads, sonic brands, etc)
  • Customizable alerts when new ads hit the market
  • Comparisons by key qualities — voice gender, ad length, brand mention and more
  • Trends by key metrics and monitoring over time
  • Searchable ad transcriptions and filtering by industry vertical
  • Cross-channel — radio, streaming, podcast

Research, test, and measure

the ROI of your audio assets.

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