You test everything. Why not sound?

Veritonic combines marketing response data from real people with machine learning to turn endless debates about sound and audio into quantifiable decisions.

Get instant insights with Audio Baseline Reports.

Upload your audio tracks and get instant baseline predictions for how they’ll perform on key marketing attributes through our patent-pending machine listening alogrithms.

Veritonic Instant Baseline Prediction Reports
Veritonic Audio Creative Testing with Your Brand's Target Audience

Test tracks with your target audience.

Test with a General Population audience, or use your target audience. Apply standard demographic filters, or apply your own custom segmentation model. Learn which audio works best for your target market and goals.

Measure emotional response with unique second-by-second engagement data.

Get second-by-second reporting on emotional response data and overall audio effectiveness. Track branding, promotions, and call-to-action impact. Learn which parts of a track resonate best with your customers.

Veritonic second-by-second emotional response engagement data for audio creative
Veritonic Advanced Metrics for unparalleled audio insights

Track Advanced Metrics for unparalleled audio insights.

Unique Echotime™ Recall metrics help you understand memorability and breakthrough. Track impact, customer and prospect attitudes, and much more with Pre- and Post-Exposure Purchase Intent and configurable follow-up questions.

Experience the marketing intelligence platform for sound.

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