Who has the most effective audio brand? Find out in Veritonic’s 2020 Audio Logo Index.
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Ensure You’re Winning in Audio

Veritonic Competitive Intelligence is on its way!

Veritonic Competitive Intelligence

The proof is now abundant — getting audio marketing right has never been more critical. Your starting point is obvious: get a clear view of who’s doing what in the market, what’s working for them, and where you stand. Plan your most informed strategy with Veritonic Competitive Intelligence.

  • Understand how you stack up against competitors in audio
  • Know when competitor assets hit the market
  • Understand the components of winning audio, from voice gender to brand mention
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Veritonic Competitive Intelligence

The 2020 Audio Logo Index — our annual ranking of the most effective sonic brands — is one of the first manifestations of Veritonic Competitive Intelligence. Get a copy here.

Bring the sonic truth to your audio now.

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