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The everyday sounds of your brand. Big impact on your customers.

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Your sonic brand goes well beyond an audio logo alone. Whether you’re signalling to a customer that they’ve successfully paid with their credit card, or that their earbuds are connected, or that they’re running low on fuel, the earcon, or functional sound, is relaying that information.

As with any brand element, getting the earcon right means making it unique, powerful and consistent with your overall brand identity.

In this study with our partners at AudioUX, we uncover what makes the functional sound truly resonate with customers, keeping them connected to your brand for life.

What you’ll learn:

  • The difference between premium and generic earcons
  • The quantifiable impact of “owning” your own earcons
  • How well consumers understand what your sound is supposed to signify
  • The power of creating a unified "family of sounds"
  • How customized sounds can motivate purchase

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