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Coffee Brand Case Study

Audio Ads Brew Brand Power for Leading Coffee Brand

Data proves the high impact of strategic, targeted podcast and streaming ads.

Coffee Brand Case Study


Increase in brand awareness.


Increase in awareness among podcast listeners.


Higher awareness among drinkers on other brands.


For a longstanding favorite regional coffee brand, expanding their pool of loyal drinkers in a highly-competitive market is an ongoing process. Marketing to where the eyes and ears are now is obviously part of that process. Applying diligence to every decision is just as critical.

As they launched a new ad campaign across audio streaming services and podcasts (via Katz Media), the brand needed to validate that those ads truly made an impact on people. Specifically, they needed to know if their campaign raised awareness and favorability of the brand, and if it compelled people to buy and recommend their coffee to others.

If they could prove that their audio ads might convert drinkers of competitive brands, even better.


In conjunction with Katz, the coffee leader launched a brand lift study on the Veritonic Audio Intelligence Platform. The platform identified and queried listeners who were exposed to the ads in podcasts and streaming services, and compared their responses against a control group of people who did not hear the ads (unexposed). The audience was targeted based on key behavioral segments, across strategic markets.


Hearing the audio ads had an overwhelmingly-positive impact on people’s awareness and perception of the coffee brand.

Primary audience segments responded strongly, validating the targeting strategy:

Drinkers of other brands took notice:

Assessing results by channel, hearing the ads in podcasts drove stronger results than on streaming services. Podcast listeners exposed to the ads exhibited a 22-point increase in awareness of the coffee brand over the control group, five percentage points higher than streaming service listeners.

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