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"We have a responsibility to deeply investigate the opportunities to understand a brand’s investment better."

Claire Fanning of Pandora on making better decisions through creative testing.

"It's really exciting to see that we can either validate a creative opportunity, or disprove that it might be the right way to go in this environment, before releasing it to the general public."

As vice president of ad innovation strategy, Claire Fanning and her team understand that to continually exceed the expectations of their buyers, they have to continually prove the value of what Pandora does with a comprehensive examination of data. Pre-market creative analysis is a central part of that.

"Best practices are derived from testing. We recommend that every brand evaluates this within the confines of their own measurement plan — and they're really defining that upfront — so they're understanding what decisions they're making from both the media and creative standpoint, and what optimization opportunities might be available along the way."

Listen to the whole interview with Claire below.

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