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The path to winning customers with audio marketing is paved with the sonic truth.

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Veritonic Audio Intelligence Infographic

Veritonic is the single source of sonic truth about your marketing efforts. The platform reveals regularly-updated data about what’s really happening in the audio market — where brands are putting their marketing dollars (from podcasting to radio, streaming services to voice activation), which ad themes are trending, and what’s actually working best. Knowing is the only responsible way to ground your strategy and ensure your path forward is the most fruitful one.

This data becomes extra powerful, of course, when it all works together. We’ve developed this infographic series to show you how it can.

Each sector-specific piece combines Veritonic Competitive Intelligence and Creative Measurement data to give you a snapshot of how major brands in that industry are diving into audio marketing, including:

  • Share of voice (“sonic presence”) within the market
  • Trends, from voice gender to topical content
  • Relative performance of those ads

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